In this week’s issue of USDLA News (United States Distance Learning Association) our amazing COO and Chief Intellivangelist gave an interview to introduce our cutting-edge company comprising data-loving, education-focused, and care-centric folks.

USDLA: Tell us about IntelliBoard!

Tonya Riney, PhD: IntelliBoard was founded in 2015 by Anatoliy Kochnev, a naturalized American citizen with a keen eye for learning software! He started his foundational work with the Moodle LMS, which eventually progressed to serving Moodle LMS users with “reporting.” From there, the IntelliBoard platform morphed into a dynamic, multi-faceted platform that brings learning data and analytics to institutions using Blackboard Learn (Anthology), Brightspace | D2L, Canvas, and Moodle-based LMSs. It utilizes 3 distinct features:

  • Within IntelliBoard, different sources of learning data (e.g., the LMS, the SIS, and other learning tools) can be combined to create a holistic picture of learners, teaching effectiveness, and aggregated institutional effectiveness
  • With so much data available, IntelliBoard’s predictive learning AI can create truly accurate models – far better than those based on only a single set of data
  • Mountains of data are useless unless those who can create change are armed with the knowledge via notifications based on sets of conditions or criteria to impact that change, such as retention, at-risk learners, courses and/or instructors in jeopardy, and financial aid compliance.

USDLA: What need are you filling in the distance learning industry?

Tonya Riney, PhD: Distance learning and/or blended learning were strong educational approaches before the pandemic; post-pandemic, these approaches were thrust into being primary methodologies in a world where education must be accessible to all people. IntelliBoard is the platform that makes learning tangible. If I am a college professor in a f2f classroom, I don’t necessarily need to know that “Johnny is struggling.” I can see it in action. Within distance learning, as leaders, we don’t always have access to the various inputs that could help us help Johnny and others like him/her. IntelliBoard provides insights not previously possible within the LMS alone.

USDLA: What have been your biggest challenges? 

Tonya Riney, PhD: Like any other company, managing growth is always challenging. 

USDLA: What are some of your big wins? 

Tonya Riney, PhD: Our new platform is amazing. What our clients are doing with it has been mind-blowing and more than we could have ever expected.

USDLA: Who is your ideal client? 

Tonya Riney, PhD: Any institution focused on quality enhancement, federal and state funding, at-risk learners, right-sizing, reputation, and the future of learning.

USDLA: How has USDLA been helpful in your efforts?

Tonya Riney, PhD: USDLA is the association that promotes eLearning/distance learning initiatives. From webinars, conferences, and everything else you do, you have the best interests of learning, practitioners, and institutions at the heart of it.

USDLA: What does the future look like for IntelliBoard? 

Tonya Riney, PhD: We’re pretty darn excited about our new platform, and we anticipate strong growth in the years forward as more and more institutions learn what they can do with their learning data! 

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