Your company needs access to data that will directly and indirectly impact ROI. Not only do you need to track engagement levels and completion of key compliance and certification courses for your team members and recruits, but you need to show the value of investing in L&D to your company’s bottom line. The question is: how do you go about sifting through all the data in your learning management system (LMS) and compiling it in an actionable, resource-efficient way? 

Testronic Poland took on this challenge. We sat down with their Learning Management System Administrator, Prashant Jha, to learn more.

For over 20 years Testronic has partnered with video game and entertainment companies from around the world to provide Quality Assurance, Localization, Compliance and Certification, and Customer Support that gets it right the first time. Credited with numerous AAA titles and renowned for integrity, innovation, and efficiency, Testronic is continually developing new approaches to make sure games function flawlessly and are localized to fit every market. With a current capacity of over 550 workable stations and facilities in the US, the UK, and Poland, Testronic leverages the scale of their global operation to offer dependable quality, efficiency, value, and security.

Through adopting the IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform, Prashant Jha and the Testronic Poland team were able to tackle the problem of organizing the data within their LMS and get actionable data that impacted Testronic’s ROI. The team went from being incredibly frustrated with their LMS’s lack of applicable reports to efficiently tracking internal learning, onboarding, and promotions, effectively dealing with the large volume of activity on their recruitment platform, and capturing the data to make the impact of their work visible to company management. 

The Challenge of Organizing a Mountain of Data

Testronic’s Poland office uses the Moodle Learning Management System. As the company experienced growth and the number of users in their LMS grew, it became increasingly difficult to organize learning plans, courses, and competencies and access reports in these critical areas. Testronic’s old Learning Analytics plug-in just wasn’t cutting it. Frustration with reporting issues was so great that Prashant Jha and his team even considered scrapping Moodle usage entirely and building their own system – something which would have been very time-consuming and expensive. When they input exactly what they were looking for into a search engine, they found IntelliBoard.

“IntelliBoard was the only company who was providing the exact report that we discussed earlier with our project managers and our supervisors; we were looking for something where we could find all the courses in relation to all the users, and whether they are competent or not competent. No other service provider in the market was giving us that kind of report.” 

The Testronic Poland Team took advantage of a  trial of IntelliBoard and the rest is history. 

“We tried [IntelliBoard’s] trial software and we got what we wanted. We had an initial round of meetings with our project leads and project managers. They were quite convinced [by] the reporting IntelliBoard was capable of doing. So then we finally decided on it. We had the first round of calls with Petra [Hancz, IntelliBoard Marketing Automation Manager] who was very helpful. There were certain changes which we asked IntelliBoard to do and I think it was delivered right on time.” 

The Testronic Poland team uses IntelliBoard in conjunction with two of their key platforms: internal learning and recruitment. 

“[The recruitment platform] is used 24/7. We are generating reports every, let’s say, three hours for the recruitment platform. And for the learning platform, which is for the internal users. It is like once in three days.”

IntelliBoard reports became an integral part of the day-to-day operation of both platforms.

Internal Learning, Promotion, and OnBoarding Streamlined

To keep its edge as an industry leader, Testronic makes sure its team is up to speed when it comes to professional development. Recently, Testronic Poland rolled out some rapid learning courses where internal learners had to complete a course in a month. With over 2500 internal learners, this was no small task. Prashant Jha and his team used the IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform to track progress and generate reports to not only inform internal learners of their progress but keep management abreast as well. 

“Earlier it was so difficult for us to track which courses [internal learners were competent in] because the only option which was available was the internal Moodle learning plan monitor, where you have to sort out based on the users or based on the cohort. You cannot see [competencies] for individual users […] But after installing [IntelliBoard] we can now actually differentiate and inform our project leads and project managers of who is capable of being promoted to the next level in their team. And recently, it has been quite effective. In the month of, I think, February, we had 20 promotions based on the IntelliBoard and Moodle reports. So that was quite impressive.” 

Testronic Poland also uses IntelliBoard to help with conducting face-to-face onboarding workshops.

“For tracking that data, it wasn’t possible to do it alone on the Moodle system, because we had to go to each and every course and then check for each and every activity, and then get the data for every particular course. But IntelliBoard works as one-stop shop for us, where we can actually just select the activity and it filters out for each and every course, and who participated on which date.”

Prashant Jha and his team save a huge amount of time using IntelliBoard. 

Efficiently Handle Recruitment Volume

Prashant Jha and his team also confronted the problem of keeping up with the complexity and sheer volume of users on Testronic’s recruitment platform.

“Every day there are hundreds of candidates who are logging in from across the world. It’s not only in Poland, but also from Belgrade, Bucharest, New Orleans in US, and in the UK […] they’re accessing [the Testronic recruitment platform] and we are able to generate reports and deliver it to the recruitment team. From that perspective also, [the IntelliBoard Learning Analytics Platform] has been quite fruitful for us.”

Partnering with IntelliBoard not only helps make sure that Testronic finds the right people for the job, but enables the Testronics team to do so in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Show Your Team’s Value

Prashant Jha and his team knew they were doing valuable work. With the help of IntelliBoard, they were able to show data that represented L&D’s ROI to project leads and managers. 

“I was able to produce more and more data […] and show the productivity of our team to the project leads and project managers. It actually helped us a lot, even in terms of visibility of our work progress inside the company. […] Now we are capturing it and showing it to the company: how many trainings we conducted in a month and how useful we are as an L&D team.”

By showing the L&D team’s impact, Prashant Jha and his team were able to help Testronic Poland recognize the true value of L&D and use that information to make smart business decisions.

Prior to partnering with IntelliBoard, Prashant Jha and his team were so frustrated with other reporting tools that they considered pivoting away from Moodle altogether. Now they are able to efficiently track internal learning and onboarding, streamline promotions and recruitment, and demonstrate the L&D team’s value to management. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with them and can’t wait to help support what Testronic does next!

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