What if you could know exactly how your students are using your digital assets in granular detail and in real time? What insights would access to actionable reports on this information unlock? The team at Pearson Italia’s Higher Ed division asked themselves these exact questions when they decided to make the bold leap into embracing Learning Analytics.

A division of the education publishing powerhouse Pearson, Pearson Italia partners with leading institutions, governments, and universities for the development of dedicated content and assessments in a wide variety of fields including English language certification. Pearson Italia also carries out extensive research activities aimed at continuously improving learning effectiveness and continuing to offer cutting-edge education and training programs that respond to the needs of today’s teachers and students. Through their textbooks, digital teaching tools, exam preparation, certifications, and training courses, Pearson Italia is committed to building inclusive and innovative education models that facilitate success for all types of students. 

Embracing Learning Analytics enabled Pearson Italia’s Higher Ed division to not only get the granular, real-time data they were after, but strategically deploy actionable reports on that data to their marketing, tutorial, and commercial teams to continuously improve the quality of their courses and make smart business decisions. 

Pioneers in Learning Analytics

Pearson Italia understood the value of Learning Analytics early on and became the first company in the EU to adopt the IntelliBoard data reporting and analytics solution for their Moodle learning management system (LMS) in 2017. Emiliano Biondo, LMS Administrator for Pearson Italia’s Higher Education division and a veteran in the eLearning field, spearheaded the project from the beginning. 

Emiliano Biondo and the team at Pearson Italia knew that having data on how their digital assets were performing at the student, instructor, and institutional levels was a crucial part of consistently offering high quality, market leading courses and publications. 

“We started using IntelliBoard because we were looking for some kind of analytics that could help us to understand how our users use Moodle and our courses – how many times they log into our courses and so on – because we think that the analytics data is very important for any kind of marketing decision and for production decisions.”

At first, Emiliano Biondo tackled the data analytics and reporting tasks as a one-man show since the Higher Education division of Pearson Italia was quite small. But once Emiliano Biondo started customizing and deploying IntelliBoard, that quickly changed. Soon, Pearson Italia’s Higher Education division saw IntelliBoard as an essential tool noting an “incredible increase” in the functional capabilities of their LMS in just the first year of adopting IntelliBoard. Now Emiliano Biondo heads a team dedicated to collecting data analytics and transforming them into useful reports for the division’s marketing, commercial, and tutorial teams. 

A Course Content Optimization and Business Improvement Tool

Pearson Italia creates digital assets like videos, quizzes, and lecture notes as companions to each book they publish. Emiliano Biondo and his team use IntelliBoard to analyze what works best for Pearson Italia’s students by tracking how often students log in to each course, how much time they spend on each individual digital asset within the course, and which activities are the most popular. This allows Pearson Italia to continuously improve all of their digital assets so they can evolve along with the needs of their students.

Not only does Pearson Italia use IntelliBoard to produce outstanding courses, they also use it to inform business decisions. The Pearson Italia team can look at the data in their LMS and note how, when, and where specific groups of students are using their products.

“For example, we have seen that most students are using our platform at home. And many, many students are not living in the same city in which they are starting at university. So we go to the university and we say, “Okay, many, many, many students are using digital assets to prepare for their exams.” We have prepared a kind of digital offer for institutions to give more content and to give support to the students for their exams.”

The Pearson Italia team can then put together a digital package tailored for that institution to meet the unique needs of their learners. 

When Pearson Italia is planning a new project, Emiliano Biondo and his team gather feedback from previous iterations of the project and use it to inform budgeting decisions.

“When we’re planning a tutorial project, you have a budget and you have to decide how many euros to spend on paper books and how many you have to spend on digital assets and so on. To have feedback on how many copies you have sold and how many users are using digital is very [helpful] to make the decision on how much money you have to invest in digital for the next release of the same book. You have […] feedback that can tell you how many copies you have sold in books and how many users are using the [digital] platform. The main thing that we have seen is that if digital is important for students, students will buy new books because only new books give digital access.”

Good data, well visualized data enables Pearson Italia to spend smart and meet the needs of today’s teachers and students.

Cutting Edge Offerings, Smart Business Decisions

A pioneer in embracing Learning Analytics, Emiliano Biondo and the team at Pearson Italia use the IntelliBoard data analytics and reporting solution to track how their products are used in real time. This enables Pearson Italia to not only consistently create cutting edge physical and digital offerings but also make informed marketing and business decisions. Knowing what students, teachers, and institutions need by looking at the data in their LMS enables the team at Pearson Italia to put together tailored digital packages for institutions and make smart budgeting decisions for new iterations of their products. 

Thank you so much for speaking with us, Emiliano! We look forward to being with you and Pearson Italia on your journey as you continue to pioneer the Learning Analytics space. 

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