Ever sit down to look at the mountain of data provided by your Learning Management System and think, “Yikes! How am I going to pull out the right data and make it actionable without spending all day digging through this stuff?” Recently we sat down with Financial Edge Training’s Chief Technology Officer, Antony Goodman, to learn how he tackles this problem. 

Founded by industry veterans, Financial Edge Training is the firm chosen by the top 4 investment banks to deliver their analyst training programs. Financial Edge Training is passionate about delivering top-tier, tailored trainings worldwide both in-person and virtually and covers a wide range of skill areas from financial accounting to modeling to data analysis. IntelliBoard helps make it happen. 

Actionable data

You probably know the feeling. Your Learning Management System (LMS) is providing you with a ton of data, but it’s not making it easy to find the *right* data. You need a mechanism to make sure your trainings are excelling at meeting learners’ needs without spending all day manually pulling out data and running reports to make sure your trainings are where they need to be.

Antony Goodman knows this feeling too. Financial Edge Training uses Moodle LMS to manage its wide range of offerings, but was facing challenges around identifying and compiling actionable reports from across their array of courses to better serve learners.

With an eye toward efficiency, Antony flipped into problem-solving mode and integrated Financial Edge’s LMS with IntelliBoard

“IntelliBoard is massively useful to report across the whole [of] Moodle. It wasn’t possible before, or was not possible in any easy way within Moodle. That’s the most important [thing] to me. It’s possible to run reports on individual courses in Moodle, dump the [information] out to Excel and do most of the reporting you are able to do. The problem happens when someone says: Antony, what was the average [score of] Feedback activity in all of our courses last year? That is the nightmare, [and] IntelliBoard is completely solving cross-course reporting [issues] across the whole of Moodle. That is the awesome bit of IntelliBoard completely.”

Antony now was able to get the data points he needed to visualize Feedback activity in a meaningful way.

Making the almost impossible, possible

IntelliBoard enabled Antony to do something that wasn’t even on the table before: extract specific statistical data gathered within his LMS and present it on a single dashboard in the form of printable charts, graphs, and analytics:

“IntelliBoard is not just saving time for me, it is making something that was not quite impossible, but probably impossible enough, that we didn’t do it… if they asked me the same reporting question (Antony, what was the average Feedback in all of our courses last year?) [I’d say] that I don’t have the time [to answer] it. It would take a week to answer that question. It’s not commercially viable.”

While wrangling all the data in Financial Edge’s LMS was theoretically possible, it was essentially impossible from a practical standpoint because of the sheer amount of time and labor dealing with all that data would take. The easily available, point and click access to data inside IntelliBoard was a game changer.

Scheduled Reports

Not only did Antony unlock the benefit of cross course reporting, but he was able to further increase efficiency by using IntelliBoard to schedule delivery of the reports it produces:

“One more thing that is massively useful is the scheduling stuff, which is also amazing. What used to happen is that the Account Managers put a note in their calendars for delivering reports every Monday for clients, as it took a couple hours to create. Now they can schedule the reports. Now it arrives with the right data, so it is a massive help.”

Better data in less time is definitely a good thing.

Data-driven decisions

The benefits of making data analytics and reporting not only feasible but streamlined enabled Financial Edge Training to make savvy decisions around which platforms to invest in:

“Having [a solution] like IntelliBoard where we can report from the whole of the Moodle site is really useful. We can make [informed] decisions about whether we should spend more money on the app or not.”

Knowing what was happening within his LMS helped Antony make directional changes that aligned with Financial Edge Training’s goals – faster and more efficiently. 


With IntelliBoard, Financial Edge Training went from laboriously pulling data from Moodle’s native reporting system to having their data reporting processes automated. This empowered them to continually improve and deliver their signature world-class financial training for financial professionals.

Are you facing a challenge around efficiently getting actionable data and reports from your LMS? Let IntelliBoard help you with the data points you need to visualize what you need to do. The (almost) impossible can become possible for you, too. Schedule with us!