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Have you ever sat down with a new piece of software and not known where to begin? That overwhelming feeling is not something anyone wants their clients to have. So how do you go about onboarding new clients to a highly technical piece of software in a way that meets their needs and aligns with your activity monitoring goals? That’s already a complex question; add in the fact that the needs of clients and of the industry itself are continuously shifting and the prospect of consistent quality training and onboarding of new clients can seem daunting. 

We sat down with TOPSOLID’s training evaluation manager, Benjamin Elezaar, to talk training new clients, evaluating that training, and linking client onboarding practices to customer activity monitoring.*

TOPSOLID’s story

TOPSOLID is a leading publisher of CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software. With more than 35 years of experience under its belt and offices all over the world, TOPSOLID offers a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution for the mechanical, sheet metal, and wood industries.

Following changes in regulation in France, TOPSOLID was faced with revamping their whole client onboarding training program as well as how they evaluated that program. Not only did they need to continue to deliver stellar modules of training to maintain TOPSOLID’s market-leading status, but they also sought to continuously integrate customer feedback into those trainings while aligning the trainings with their customer activity monitoring goals and complying with the new regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The TOPSOLID team made the call to use IntelliBoard to supercharge their newly adopted Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to get the company the data it needed to rise to the occasion. 

Link sales revenue to trainings

IntelliBoard’s ability to extract the right analytics from within TOPSOLID’s LMS allowed TOPSOLID to collect vital data on client trainees’ experiences:

“IntelliBoard helps us to show that [when] we are evaluating trainees, that we take their needs and requests [into] consideration. There was this need that we have been able to address and fulfill thanks to [IntelliBoard].” 

Detailed annual reports provide TOPSOLID a vital opportunity to measure the success of their business.

“We put together as well a global yearly reporting at the end of the year where we make a comparison of the year compared to the previous one. This helps us compare the success rate and the attendance rates of our agencies, on each of our training products. This can be linked with the Sales Revenue of the “formation de l’entreprise”[company training plan].” 

The TOPSOLID team can gain insight into not only how many clients are taking which courses and the results each of them is experiencing both individually and as a cohort; they can then link that to client turnover around trainings. Do clients find the trainings useful enough to come back for more? Quality trainings can be linked to increased sales revenue. IntelliBoard gives TOPSOLID the actionable data they need to make strategic business decisions around the content and delivery of their trainings.

Proactive client service

Weekly reports from the IntelliBoard plug-in enable TOPSOLID’s branch offices to detect any potential problems with client service early on and adapt their trainings to address those issues:

“We put together and send some different reports to our commercial agencies in France. This allows them to do customer care which is very important for us, as it respects regulatory obligations and [the] quality of our trainings… We have organized weekly reports by sections that correspond to our different agencies. We send that data to them and it can help to see if there are some troubles with the clients and where they can take action to solve their problems.” 

IntelliBoard’s analytics enable the TOPSOLID team to reach out to their retail locations and give specific feedback on the client needs at those branches so they know what’s working and what isn’t. They can then take action to nip potential problems in the bud early on. 

Regulatory compliance made easy

When faced with a regulatory change, the TOPSOLID team knew they needed to proceed in an organized, data-oriented fashion:

“As we are not only a Software Editor [Company] but also a Training Organization on French territory, we signed up for the certification process for our training from 2016-2017. We have adopted and implemented a number of tools to train and assess our trainees.. The decision was made to come to Moodle in 2017 or 2018 as it was free of rights and flexible. There was at this time a need to know the number of trainees that came into the LMS and the statistics on the different modules, we decided then to join … IntelliBoard to answer this reporting need.”

The TOPSOLID team was able not only to comply with the new regulations but use the data in his LMS to bolster their business in other ways.

Looking to the future

Recognizing the power of harnessing data, TOPSOLID is planning to move all of their trainings inside their Moodle LMS so they can use IntelliBoard to get reports on every training.

“In 2022 we will project to stop our Moodle instance and create a new [Moodle instance] as we changed the structure of our trainings and they will all go throughout Moodle today and everything will be evaluated and we could get statistics on all trainings – need of the institution but also about rules of the French market that asks to report this.”

Not only will TOPSOLID be better prepared to comply with any upcoming regulatory changes, but the increased easy access to valuable data will enable them to further optimize their trainings to meet future needs.

The results

With the TOPSOLID team’s decision to adopt the Moodle LMS and IntelliBoard, the company can make directional changes that align with their goals quickly and efficiently. Empowered by easy point-and-click access to the statistical data within their LMS, TOPSOLID can easily adapt to trainee feedback, changing client service needs, and new regulations by delivering better, more effective, more engaging learning informed by what their data is telling them.

Want to dig into your LMS’s data to make strategic business decisions about the content of your trainings? Interested in learning more on measuring your trainings’ ROI? Take advantage of our webinars, or schedule a chat with us. We’d love to help you unlock the power of your data. 

* Our conversation with Benjamin Elezaar was conducted entirely in French. The quotes contained in this piece are translations.