As a Director-of-a-lot-of-Stuff, I’m tasked with our marketing efforts at trade shows. Which ones to pick? What to take? How much to take? What should we spend on the booth? What’s the angle?

Worst of all? The ROI (return-on-investment) and ROO (return-on-objectives) measurements. Was it worth it? Should we do it again?

ROI is admittedly cut/dry. If it cost us X dollars, and leads generated from the show generate some value over X, we’re in the clear.

ROO? More nebulous. Excerpted from Apple Rock’s link below, I include their excellent criteria of ROO benefits for evaluating trade show participation, including:

  1. Generate X qualified leads
  2. Build brand awareness by Y% (measured by visitors to the booth, web traffic, social media followers, etc).
  3. How many demos were desired/completed?
  4. How many other industry professionals did you meet?
  5. Was the company featured in another publicity channel (PR, news story, etc).

As I build out the future criteria for our show attendance, as well as the ROI/ROO goals, I’ll have these objectives in mind.

What others do you suggest?