Pete started hanging out by the porch under the bush a few weeks ago. Pete’s cute. Pete’s tiny. Everyone enjoyed catching a glimpse of “our Pete.”

We scrounged the fridge for stuff to give to Pete. Then, I went out of my way to ensure that we had a good supply of kale, and I fed Pete every morning. I enjoyed the glimpse, and even the evidence of his presence (no more kale).

It’s been about a week since having spied Pete. Denied of his cuteness, he’s not there to “remind” me to buy kale (so I haven’t), and my own life and routine has reasserted itself once again – not thinking much about Pete.

Pete’s a wild rabbit, so he probably doesn’t understand “out of sight, out of mind,” but my clients do. Pete’s simple glance up from the bush would have been enough to reward me – and Pete’s breakfast would likely have been more consistent.

We can’t forget about our clients once they become clients. They probably have even better incentives than kale.